God Accomplishes His Work: The Parker Project

In May 2021, our church mission’s council felt led to reach out to our nearest neighboring church in Parker, AZ. Since we did not know them, we went down to meet the pastor and his wife. We asked about doing a Work & Witness Project for their church. The pastor shared his vision. He remarked that they needed racks for their clothing ministry, and the patio area needed a canopy since funerals had to be held outside in the heat.  We invited the Parker congregation to come to our church and share a meal with us. We raised $7,000 in a dessert auction to provide for their needs. We were on our way! Our men made several clothing racks for the store and ordered the canopy and it arrived. Just as we were ready to assemble it, complications arose with the permissions needed. After much deliberation without success, we sadly had to abandon the project. We brought the canopy home and tried to sell it without success. The remaining funds were sent to another mission project. 

In July of 2022, our Missions President, Sharon, met a Nazarene AZ licensed contractor at our District Camp. Sharon shared the project, hoping the contractor could help us. He agreed. As plans were being made, we again experienced complications with the paperwork process. One morning, Sharon read in her devotions in Colossians 4:19: “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it.”  She wrote this prayer in her journal: “Lord, help me now to accomplish the completion of the Parker Project. Let absolutely nothing or no one hinder it, and may it go smoothly and be a blessing to that church in Jesus’ name.” The faith was there! God provided the money for the canopy in the first place to meet a great need, and He would surely help us finish the work. In October 2023, Sharon and her fiancé stopped at the tribal offices in Parker. They were able to pay for the license and get the applications cleared. Within two weeks, the contractor was on-site, and a group of our men went to help him. They worked for three days and the canopy is now up! Our entire church family celebrated! We give thanks to God who causes us to triumph in Him.  God’s people do not labor in vain.

To God be the glory!